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The great state of Alaska has had a resurgence of late – come see what it’s all about during your next OT job.  Many people dismiss Alaska as that cold, far off land of Eskimos living amongst polar bears in igloos.  Lately, the 49th state has become the subject of documentaries and shows on countless cable television outlets.  This has given rise to a new image of Alaska built on its amazing landscape of snowcapped mountains and slushing, semi-frozen rivers and streams, elegant wildlife creatures not found anywhere else and the kinship one achieves by being a hearty Alaskan.

When you take an occupational therapy job in Alaska you can truly say that you are at the top of the world and not be accused of using semantics.  There is nothing like visiting a fishing village which hustles and bustles with the activity of providing the world with food.  Many new people are discovering Alaska by the growing number of cruises going to the state.  You can also explore Alaska’s waterways at the fraction of the cost of cruises with simple day cruises which take you to the best Alaska’s seas has to offer, such as whale watching.  Come experience it all when you take an OT or COTA job in Alaska.

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Occupational Therapist Job in Palmer, Alaska

Palmer, Alaska Therapy - Skilled - OT  

Occupational Therapists position in Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska Therapy - Skilled - OT  

Job for Occupational Therapist in Soldotna, AK

Soldotna, Alaska Schools - OT  

Palmer, AK school job for OT and SLP

Palmer, Alaska Schools - OT  

OT - Occupational Therapist Contract Job in Palmer, AK School System

Palmer, Alaska Schools - OT  

OT position at school in Palmer, AK

Palmer, Alaska Schools - OT  

Full time School Psychologist job in Juneau for the school year!

Juneau, Alaska Schools - School Psychologist  

Palmer, AK school position for OT and SLP

Palmer, Alaska Schools - SLP  

Occupational Therapist assignment in Juneau, Alaska

Juneau, Alaska Schools - OT  

Experienced Occupational Therapist Needed in Alaska School

Juneau, Alaska Schools - OT  

School Contract Job, OT, Alaska – Sign on Bonus!!

Alaska, Alaska Schools - OT  

OT school assignment in Juneau, AK

Juneau, Alaska Schools - OT  

Clinic Base Contract Job, Occupational Therapist (OT), Anchorage, AK

Anchorage, Alaska Schools - OT  

Fairbanks, AK Contract School Therapy Job- Speech Language Pathologist (SLP).

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - SLP  

Fairbanks, AK Contract School Therapy Job- PT (Physical Therapist) --- Sign on Bonus!!!

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - PT  

Travel COTA Job in Alaska Pediatric Clinic

Anchorage, Alaska Therapy - Hospital - COTA  

School Travel Contract Job, SLP, Fairbanks, AK. ---- Sign on Bonus!!!

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - SLP  

Alaska Contract School Therapy Job- Occupational Therapist (OT) – Sign on Bonus!!

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - OT  

School Contract Job, PT, Fairbanks, AK ---- Sign on Bonus!!!

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - PT  

School Travel Contract Job, School Psychologist, Fairbanks, AK. --- Great Compensation!!!!

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - School Psychologist  

PT, OT, and School Psychologist positions in Fairbanks, AK

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - PT  

Travel Pediatric Occupational Therapy Jobs for New Grad

., Alaska Schools - OT  

Clinic Contract Job, OT, Anchorage, AK --- COTA’s Welcome!!

Anchorage, Alaska Schools - OT  

Occupational Therapist Job Opening - Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - PT  

Occupational Therapist, Fairbanks, Alaska HOT JOB

Fairbanks, Alaska Schools - OT  

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