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Wide open spaces, prairies after prairies of true tall grass, cowboy towns and hoards of thundering bison can all be seen in one terrific place during your next OT job: Kansas.  The state of Kansas loves to embrace its western roots.  The state was a major point on the cattle runs of the Old West and a favorite for the famous, infamous and not-so-famous cowboys of the times.  The history does not stop with the Old West.  Lewis and Clark journeyed through the area and many battles of the Civil War were waged.  These events are chronicled at any area attractions, including the Wyandotte County Historical Society and Museum and Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Historic Site, where Civil War reenactments are staged.

In prehistoric times, Kansas was a different place entirely.  It was an inland sea.  Because of this, there has been a remarkable amount of fossils recovered from the state and the evidence is on display throughout Kansas.  The University of Kansas, Mushroom State Park and Castle Rock are just a few of the sites where occupational therapists can be thrilled at the site of T-Rex, raptors and pterodactyls during their OT job assignment to Kansas.

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