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The tiny state of Rhode Island offers amenities, history and fun that sometimes can not be found in bigger states.  The state puts an emphasis on its natural resources, traditions and history.  Rhode Island beckons occupational therapists to peruse the immense 400 miles of winding coastline to swim, sail and lounge on the beach during their OT job assignments.  Get your palate ready for a true Rhode Island taste fest.  You will love the seaside clam shacks for a quick, easy and delicious lunch and seemingly endless options for fine dining.

Miles of rows of vineyards and wineries are contained within the state’s borders, which is convenient.  Six of them dot the landscape and are well within a short drive of one another—one of the benefits of being the smallest U.S. state.  Sample and see how your favorite wines are created and enjoy the beautiful country surroundings in which you find yourself immersed during your next OT job.

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Full Time Occupational Therapy - Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island Schools - OT  

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