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New Jersey

Come take an OT job in one of America’s first states.  New Jersey has distinct history and heritage because of its status as one of the first states, and before that, colony of the United States.  This fact is seen in the historical sites such as the path General George Washington and his troops took, called the Crossroads of the American Revolution.  Also explore where some of the 20th Century’s best inventions were created in Thomas Edison’s laboratory. Beautiful and historic lighthouses, which date back a few centuries and guided countless ships safely to shore, dot the New Jersey landscape. 

Spin the Roulette wheel and play the penny slots in the casinos in the vast seaside city of Atlantic City during your next OT job assignment.  Take a walk though Atlantic City and notice the streets that were made famous in your Monopoly game.  Up against the banks of the Atlantic Ocean, it goes without saying New Jersey offers several of exquisite beaches, such as Point Pleasant Beach.  When you take an OT job in New Jersey, you will be able to see how beachgoers of 100 years ago played, but still have 21st Century amenities at hand.

We are currently placing OTs and COTAs in occupational therapy jobs across the state of New Jersey.  Search our top OT jobs below:

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