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Are you looking for a little adventure during your next OT job assignment? Welcome to Wyoming, the perfect little secret tucked into the American west and Rocky Mountain range.  Wyoming may be the last bastion for a place you can just lose yourself in.  Calm, easy-going and relaxation is a way of life in the state.  Pioneers inhabited Wyoming years ago and this is celebrated at the Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum.  The museum collects, preserves, interprets and displays historical and cultural materials related to the westward expansion.  Wyoming pioneers play a key role in the exhibits.

If you love horses, Wyoming is the place for you to take your next OT job.  A leisurely horseback ride in the beauty of the Wyoming outdoors is something to behold, as is watching a herd of wild horses thundering by.  The least populated state in the union, you will notice the lack of urban sprawl.  With this in mind, Wyoming probably has the best nighttime skies in all of America, free from the light pollution of more densely populated area.  At the Cheyenne Astronomical Society, star gazing happens nightly.  Find stars, planets and other heavenly bodies you never knew existed during your OT job assignment to Wyoming.

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