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South Carolina has a simple motto to describe its state in four short words:  “Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places.”  Nowhere in the country is this truer than South Carolina.  The state offers the immense southern charm and amenities you would expect in the south, including happy and friendly people.  While you mingle with the happy, friendly people you are simply amazed with the beautiful surroundings in which you find yourself and the wonderful fun you are having in South Carolina during your OT job assignment. 

One of the hottest beaches in America, in both temperature and status, is Myrtle Beach.  Stretching for 60 miles with exquisite piers, shops, waterslides and of course beaches and the ocean, Myrtle Beach will remind people of the Pacific Coast beaches of California, only this beach won’t have rolling smog glide through every few hours!  The state boasts 380 courses for every skill level and has the perfect weather to boot.   Come partake in it all when you take an OT job in South Carolina.

We have a multitude of OT and COTA job openings across the state of South Carolina.  Browse our top South Carolina OT jobs:

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