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The thrill of adventure meets and greets you in Oregon during your next OT job.  White water rafting, parasailing, hang gliding and hot air balloon rides are just some of the many options that will embolden your soul in Oregon.  The atmosphere is nothing to sneeze at either—literally.  Oregon prides itself at having some of the best air quality in all of America.  Things not only look greener in Oregon—they feel greener. 

One of the wondrous ecological elements in Oregon is the immense Mount Hood.  Overlooking the Columbia River, it is not uncommon to see a small patch of snow when the summer heat hits its pinnacle.  By winter, Mount Hood becomes a ski resort, four separate resorts, in fact.  With the Pacific Ocean lapping at the shores, Oregon offers 363 miles of elegant coastline and all the amenities that come with it.  The state offers a wide plethora of edible favorites, but with the Pacific so close, seafood is always a local favorite.  Whatever your pleasure, you are sure to find it in Oregon during your OT job assignment.

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Preschool Occupational Therapist Job Opening in Milan, MI

Milan, OR Schools - OT  

OT 20-21 - Sandy, OR

Sandy, OR Schools - OT  

OT 20-21 -Gresham, OR

Gresham, OR Schools - OT  

Full time Occupational Therapist opening in Sandy, OR

Sandy, OR Schools - OT  

OT 20-21 Troutdale, OR

Troutdale, OR Schools - OT  

20-21 School OT- Sandy, OR

Sandy , OR Schools - OT  

Full Time OT Position - Sandy, OR 2020/2021

Sandy, OR Schools - OT  

OT 20-21 Fairview, OR

Fairview, OR Schools - OT  

Occupational Therapist Full Time Needed - Near Gresham, OR 20/21

Sandy, OR Schools - OT  

OT Near Fairview, OR - 20/21 School Year Full Time

Sandy, OR Schools - OT  

Occupational therapist 20/21-Troutdale,OR

Troutdale, OR Schools - OT  

School Occupational Therapist (OT) - Bull Run, OR (20-21)

Bull Run, OR Schools - OT  

Occupational therapist 20/21-Gersham,OR

Gresham, OR Schools - OT  

Occupational therapist 20/21-Tigard,Or

Tigard , OR Schools - OT  

Occupational therapist 20/21-Damascus,Or

DAMASCUS, OR Schools - OT Sponsors