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North Dakota

Have a simpler take on life in the immense state of North Dakota during your next OT job.  Here people do not take life as seriously and seem to take things in stride.  And why not when you have the intense beauty of the North Dakota outdoors?  The word Dakota comes from the Sioux and means “friend.”  It is easy to see this is the case with the amount of “friend”ly people you will meet on your OT job assignment. 

Imagine a land where you can be the lone tent in a vast prairie.  If you love solitude, your only contact will be the twinkling stars.  Of course, you can make a party out of it and have a camping shindig under the stars.  Perhaps your idea of fun is to place a wager.  The city of New Town’s Four Bears Casino and Lodge beckons visitors with its modern slot machines, bingo parlors and blackjack and poker tables.  Either way, these are just a few of the thousands of activities in the tremendous state of North Dakota that you can enjoy during your OT job.

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